Eisler & Konrath: a counterpoint

The brilliant dialogue between thriller writers Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath has by now been read by almost everyone.  There are perhaps two or three people in rural Tibet without internet access who have not, but I am assured print outs of the conversation have been made and Sherpa couriers have been dispatched.

Yet less well known is author Dean Wesley Smith’s contribution to what may become one of the most important discussions of our time on the future of publishing.  Smith calls Eisler and Konrath to task on several points, particularly in regard to their prediction that literary agents will soon evolve into “estributors” for indie authors.

Are agent’s really worth 15% of an author’s take, or is their function better suited to a job-for-hire model?

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One Response to Eisler & Konrath: a counterpoint

  1. I would say job-for-hire. That would involve start-up fees though, and writers don’t like those. I’ve read both posts. Konrath is really something unique and I love Dean Wesley Smith’s experience. What do you think? Should agents get 15% of the author advance or should they be more contracted, job-for-hire type businessmen?

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