Recommendation: Kiana Davenport’s HOUSE OF SKIN

One of the curious things about Kindle and iBooks self-pub phenomenon is its focus on genre fiction.  There’s nothing wrong with genre, of course.  It’s entertaining, and often just as well written technically as literary fiction.  Writers and critics who look down in snobby disapproval at genre titles are missing the point entirely.  They’re like chefs who fail to understand the appeal of a brilliantly executed Kobe beef hamburger.  Not that genre writers mind; they typically make more money than their poncey literary counterparts anyway.

And yet one cannot live on breathless chase scenes and the blood of teen vampires alone.  Which is why I was glad to find Kiana Davenport’s excellent collection of short stories House of Skin. For now, it’s exclusively available for e-readers.  But it’s so finely crafted I imagine a legacy publisher will pick it up soon.  Davenport, as you may know, is an award-winning short story writer with strong critical bona fides.  This collection of short stories is a compelling read and lovely change of pace.

Davenport recently had a small bump in sales when she was mentioned on J.A. Konrath’s blog.  Sadly, the momentum it generated seemed to be short lived.  And that’s too bad.  A book like Davenport’s deserves a spot in the top 100.

Let’s help her get there.

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One Response to Recommendation: Kiana Davenport’s HOUSE OF SKIN

  1. Dear Agents of Goldstein, just recently I came across your blog post about my book HOUSE OF SKIN written some months back, and I want to say Thank You! for your very generous words.
    I’m still new at all this digital technology and have only discovered your very articulate blog site. Its thrilling to read such intelligent musings compared to whats all over the web. I’m trying to find out if you have books published/launched, etc. I will look on Amazon. I, too, have always been a Le Carre fan! I would also like to announce that my second ebook has just been uploaded, a follow-up to HOUSE OF SKIN. Its entitled CANNIBAL NIGHTS, PACIFIC STORIES, Volume II and continues on with tales across the Pacific. Thank you again, and I look forward to reading more of your postings! With alohas from Hawaii…Kiana Davenport

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