Sarah Palin not Trig’s mother?


The always upstanding Daily Kos is reporting that Sarah Palin is not, in fact, the real mother of the infant, Trig Palin.  Rather, the real mother is Palin’s 16 year old daughter, Bristol.  Kos contributor ArcXIX, in a mawkishly indignant and poorly written exposé, entreats: “Sarah needs to answer for her lies, promptly.”  Right.  Because apparently the lefty bloggers have just stepped out of a time machine and their Victorian morals can’t countenance the idea of an unwed teen having a baby and a family covering for her.

Daily Kos publishes a series of photos showing Gov. Palin around the time she announced her pregnancy.  She clearly isn’t pregnant, says ArcXIX who is apparently also a forensic obstetrician.  Personally, I dunno.  Some women show, some don’t.  


Palin, 7 months pregnant

Palin, 7 months pregnant


It’s one thing to scrutinize the shape of a 44 year old woman – quite another to give a pixel by pixel examination of that woman’s 16 year old daughter.  ArcXIX cites the picture below as proof-positive that Bristol Palin, Sarah’s daughter, was pregnant.  This is his analysis:  “Bristol is pregnant in these pictures. She is not carrying belly fat, which grows outwardly wide, and does not become dome-shaped. That’s because fat is generally evenly distributed around the abdomen and a fetus is not. Bristol’s chest is sticking out, a normal body reaction when sucking in stomach muscles.”


The pregnant Bristol Palin

The "pregnant" Bristol Palin

Ah.  I see.  Thank you, Daily Kos, for that creepy analysis of a teenage girl’s anatomy.  I’m sure she, for one, deeply appreciates your implication that she is so fat she must be pregnant.  With one careless post you managed to sentence poor Bristol,  a normal-looking teenager, from what I can tell, to a future eating disorder and a decade of psychotherapy.  

For those unfamiliar with ArcXIX, don’t feel bad.  His last post on Daily Kos was about gay cowboy wizards, and that was all the way back in December, 2005.  In other words, ArcXIX smells like a shill identity.  In just 48 hours, ArcXIX turned up countless old photos of the Palin family and even Bristol’s school records.  In other words, this is not the work of an occasional blogger, but that of a serious opposition research team meant to make sure Gov. Palin’s political life is nasty, brutish, and short.  

Way to class up the presidential race, Kos.

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11 Responses to Sarah Palin not Trig’s mother?

  1. says:

    THE TRUTH IS THAT Bristol Palin is currently pregnant – you will not see her on any stage or anywhere without holding the baby. Check out all of the photos on the web on the campaign trail – visit Mc Cain’s daughter’s blog, tons of photos, none (not one) without Sarah holding something in front of her tummy. the rumors about Sarah and all started because Bristol has been home concealing the baby. That’s all it is , confusion and some really bad judgment of Sarah to hide Bristol and really really bad judgment to fly home after breaking her water. All really “weird” things to do to cover up pregnancies.

  2. hmmmm says:

    But now the teen is 5 months pregnant – so who gave birth to Trig?

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  4. fairlane says:

    “With one careless post you managed to sentence poor Bristol, a normal-looking teenager, from what I can tell, to a future eating disorder and a decade of psychotherapy.”

    You assail the Daily Kos, and then you write that Histrionic nonsense?

    Somehow, I’m almost positive Bristol doesn’t read the Daily Kos.

    If there’s a threat to her self-esteem, it’s her hyper-religious parent who hid her pregnancy because it might cause people to question mommy’s lily white public image.

  5. GG says:

    This story still smells fishy, whether or not it involves Bristol, something is not right with the known facts. These are the March announcement that she’s having a baby, which shocked everyone, even those who worked closed with her. Then we have multiple photos & LA Newsweek interview in Jan, Feb & Mar, where she is 5 to 7 months pregnant, but looks far from. And the “?” regarding the Texas trip of labor…Who in the world, after going into labor pains and showing fluids, would risk an 8 hour plane trip when you are premature as well as know your child is down syndrome. If nothing else, she demonstrates a horrible lack of judgment.

    Now couple this bizarre story with missing photos of Palin from Jan to Mar and the Mat-Su Regional Hospital, where Trig was born, being taken offline yesterday and now Trig Palin’s birth is missing from the April 18th nursery postings. Either we are going to hear about a miscarriage in the next couples months (likely to be after the election) or they are hiding something that must be more damaging.

    The real issue is not Governor Sarah Palin. It’s about John McCain’s lack of judgment in not properly vetting his VP.

  6. Sguire says:

    GG is right, the issue isn’t literally who gave birth to the child or whose daughter is a teenage baby factory. The issue is McCain’s desperation to capture the news cycle after Obama’s speech was so severe that he made a VP pick on nothing but pure cynicism. All accounts were that McCain wanted Ridge or Lieberman, but was told the pro-choice selections would produce a floor fight at the convention. So, according to MN republicans in the know, he was going to go with the safe pick, Tim Pawlenty. After Obama’s speech, McCain knew he couldn’t pick the uninspiring Pawlenty so he took somebody that wasn’t properly vetted and, frankly, isn’t qualified for the job. He talked to her once prior to the selection. She’s on record saying she didn’t really know what to think about Iraq, and wasn’t sure what the vice-president did. McCain is 72 and is in a long-standing battle with skin cancer. Is it appropriate for someone with that age and health record to select someone whose total political experience is 6 years as mayor of a town of 8000 and 1.5 years as a governor of a state of 600,000 whose notoriety stems from being less corrupt than most Alaskan Republicans and who knows little to nothing about one of the biggest issues of the day? If he knew all of this information, what does it say about his judgment? If he didn’t, what does it say about his lack of judgment? This story is about McCain’s blind ambition and willingness to take any risk to become president. This is not a healthy character trait for a president. McCain is risky and irresponsible.

    And, for the record, the representations of the evidence that Bristol is Trig’s mom, are not fairly represented by the agents of goldstein. Notably absent are the OTHER pictures and video of Sarah Palin 6-7 months pregnant with her 5th child and looking like she could finish 2nd in the Ms. Alaska contest, as well as the pre-pregnancy photos of Bristol with a flat stomach–not to mention Bristol’s 5-month absence from school prior to Trig’s birth. Most damning is the photo of Sara Palin pregnant with her fourth (and last) child where she is clearly as huge as a 4-time pregnant mother should be (in contrast with her invisible 5th pregnancy). Conservatives, you should have picked the mormon.

  7. Agents of Goldstein says:

    I’m just taking the pictures from Kos. In fairness, I have subsequently seen other pictures of Palin a month or two prior to Trig’s birth and she was quite obviously pregnant. I didn’t post them since the point is now moot.

  8. Agents of Goldstein says:

    By the way, here are the additional pics of Palin looking rather pregnant. I don’t think this is worth a fresh post, so I’ll just post the link here for anyone who cares to take a look.

    FYI, Kos was evidently maintaining for a while that she was wearing a fat suit.

  9. Sguire says:

    I’d like to see the photos you’ve seen where Palin was “quite obviously pregnant.” I don’t think the point is moot. I don’t believe the “Bristol is 5 months pregnant” story at all. Bristol is either 4 months pregnant with her second child, or she is not pregnant at all and will be reported as having a miscarriage in the coming months. Given what I know about how 7-month pregnant women look (other than their first pregnancy), and what I’ve seen so far, I’ll need some serious photographic evidence to persuade me that Palin was pregnant with Trig. Believe me, I’m open to persuasion, but the photographic record and other circumstantial evidence is extremely persuasive that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.

  10. suzanne says:

    As am outsider I will say this for sure…..there is absolutely no chance that Trig is Sarah’s baby…..WHY?

    1. Bristol was away from school with Mononucleosis for months…..(probably pregnant) because if she was in isolation how did she get pregnant?

    2. After the first pregnancy, subsequent pregnancies pop much earlier…because the stomach muscles and skin are more supple after first baby….usually in 4 months its really showing…by 7 a multipara woman (more than one child) looks like she will deliver tomorrow…belly is sooo big…(ask any midwife)Sarah does not look that way ….most likely she wore body suit.
    3. The time taken labour for first time mothers is usually long….cervix takes long to open sufficiently but subsequent labours are faster(very short labours can even take less than one hour!!Ask any midwife…Sarah was having 5th baby??….took an 8hrs flight after waters broke????
    No way! No how! Sarah did not have Baby Trig….Bristol did!!! Look out for Bristols “miscarrige” soon….unless it is arranged so that a baby goes missing from a hospital somewhere!!!!

  11. Jim Treacher says:

    You had me at the third exclamation mark.

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