Once more – this time with feeling.

There is little to say about Bill Clinton’s speech endorsing Barack Obama other than that it worked.  As the Democrats’ adored pater familias, his blessing was necessary.  True to his style, he was engaging, colloquial, and disarming.  There is a certain edge that emerges in his voice from time to time, a tone that softly scolds, hasn’t all this squabbling been silly?  Now grow up and let’s do this thing together, the right way.    

I have little doubt that this heartier endorsement from a Clinton will be just the thing to heal any remaining wounds from notoriously vitriolic Obam/Clinton schism.  There will be a few die-hards, of course – you see them in the Denver streets from time to time, Hillary shirts, Hillary buttons, scowls of immense despair on their faces  – but they are few and far between.  

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